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Notting Hill










Made famous by the Notting Hill Carnival, Portobello Market and, of course, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the aptly named 'Notting Hill'...

Ever since it was built in the 1820's the area has been rich with character and been associated with alternative culture. Many of the grandiose properties, once run-down have since been split into blocks of flats and are extremely popular with the wealthy London set. Traditionally owned by those in creative industries and more increasingly those who can afford the price-tag, read 'City workers' the area is a pin-up boy for gentrification and is now one of the most expensive areas in London.

Notting Hill Gate, located at the north western corner of Hyde Park is the busiest and most culturally diverse area of Notting Hill. The area is packed with high street chain shops, a busy tube station, independent retro clothes boutiques, and the famous Portobello Road market is very close by sucking in tourists from all over the world.

Perhaps the centre of Notting Hill, or certainly the wealthiest strip, Westbourne Grove attracts uber designer shops, organic eateries and high fashion brands looking to make an impact on the wealthy residents that live on the immediate streets and mews nearby.

Notting Hill's unique relaxed vibe coupled with an up-market edge and culturally diverse slant makes it a truly unique place, where wealthy city bankers rub shoulders with tourists, artists and market traders.

The star of the show, the property, is the real attraction to the area. Large and beautiful white terraced properties with black railings and tall ceilings, they've seen their fare share of owners. Originally built to entice wealthy upper middle class families of central London in 1845, they eventually fell into rack and ruin after the second world war and became a cheap haven for immigrants from the West Indies, only to soar in popularity beginning as early as 1980. Today the area is unquestionably one of the best in London.

Portobello Market is perhaps one of the most famous London markets and is packed with stalls selling everything from antiques to second hand records and even fruit. It's firmly placed on the London tourist path and thousands of tourists form all over the world tramp its length every week.