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'Putney', to most Londoners, refers to the pretty residential streets that surround the bank of the river, centralised around Putney Bridge which connects Putney, on the 'South bank' to Fulham on the 'North bank'...

Located on the south bank of the river, opposite Fulham to the north and connected by Putney Bridge, Putney is in the heart of South west London, surrounded on all sides by desirable and well known neighbourhoods. It's somewhat more affordable (just) than areas on the opposite bank, although it has heaps of charm and is more laid back than its somewhat pretentious cousins to the North (read Fulham and Chelsea). 'Putney' refers to a large residential area that can be loosely divided into two halves, West Putney and East Putney, by the large and prosperous high street running South from Putney Bridge. West Putney, generally speaking is more desirable than East Putney which is a vast area of residential streets that blend into the less salubrious Wandsworth just to the East. Not surprisingly a large part of Putney life revolves around the river, the famous annual Oxford / Cambridge Boat race starts here and there's a plethora of famous rowing clubs found on the river. There's also a particularly pretty section of the Thames riverside path that runs all the way from Putney to Barnes, Richmond and beyond that is incredibly popular with residents and Richmond Park is also within reach. "And thus we take leave of Putney, one of the pleasantest of the London suburbs, as well as the most accessible. The immense increase in the number of houses in late years testifies to its popularity." J. C. Geikie, The Fascinations of London, 1903.

Putney life revolves around the river. There's a plethora of rowing clubs here and the annual Oxford / Cambridge Boat Race starts here.

Putney has a pleasant vibe to it, salubrious, village like (in places) and yet at the same time lacking in the grandiose posture that some wealthier neighbourhoods of London display.

West Putney is a small area of pretty residential streets with a village like atmosphere very close to the river.

There's plenty of open space nearby, including Putney common and also Richmond Park which is a short drive or bus ride away.

Putney isn't all quaint, there's a healthy and large high street at its heart that gets very busy at weekends and has many large chain shops including Waitrose, Wagamama, Pret, Marks & Spencers and its own shopping centre.

Property in Putney is mainly made up of streets of Victorian terrace housing which are often split up into flats (top and bottom) or kept as single and impressive large freehold family homes.