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Florida Street


An old garment factory in East London has been converted into a bright and totally unique two bedroom home by talented London-based architecture studio Paper House Project.

Architecture studio Paper House Project has reconfigured a former garment factory into a modern, beautifully designed two bedroom home in East London. Living areas have been arranged around a central double-volume atrium fitted with gridded windows, allowing natural light to flow into each room. A tree-like chandelier, taller than the first floor, hangs purposefully in the middle of the atrium, a striking statement piece that visually ties the interior together.

The ceiling-high windows that enclose the first floor are similar to Crittall Windows, first popular in the early 1900s and now making a significant comeback. Replacing walls with windows is a smart way to increase the flow of natural light and overall sense of space. A bold black metal staircase compliments the window frames and connects the open plan living area on the ground floor to the airy bedrooms above.

The ground floor features a poured concrete resin floor, a nod to the industrial nature of the original building, while the bedrooms are more homely with wooden floors. The interior is finished off tastefully with a mix of mid-century and contemporary furniture to add warmth, comfort and a dash of colour.

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