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Pretty Little Things Q4 '17


We've curated ten pretty little things for your end-of-2017 wishlist.

Fulham vs. London

For Buyers

If you want to know why SW6 is the postcode of choice for smart people, look at the competition.

Jungle Fever


Let’s get tropical! Interior designers Magenta Pink look at the best of the ‘jungalow’ trend which has swept the city.

Home Tech Q4 '17


Check out the latest tech designed to future-proof your home.

How to sell your property like a pro

For Owners

Maximise your profit margins with some indispensable tips, tricks and advice

Slow and Steady

Property Market

The tide may be turning for homebuyers as a slowdown starts to bite.

Property Update

Property Market

What does the general election result mean for the local housing market?

Brik Magazine Q2 2017


The market looks like it's bouncing back after brexit but there are likely challenging times ahead.

Spring Bloom for Property Market

Property Market

Experts anticipate an increase in activity levels as reflected by the rise in the number of properties listed for sale in Fulham and the volume of buyers lining up to buy them.

West London House


London-based interior design firm Studio MacLean have renovated a substantial family home in West London with Crittall dividers and classic finishes.

The Rising Costs of Letting

For Landlords

If you are considering becoming a landlord, now might be the right time, but be weary about tax changes that have recently come into force.

The Great Outdoors


Spring has sprung and our thoughts now turn to our benighted balconies, terraces and gardens.

Pretty Little Things Q2 '17


We've curated ten Pretty Little Things to add to your wishlist in Q2 2017.

Buyers Guide

For Buyers

Advice from the experts on taking advantage of a buyers-market and getting a great deal

Hot Tubs


Interior designers Magenta Pink pick out the best in free-standing baths for the perfect bathroom. Bring on the bubbles!

Are two mortgages better than one?

For Buyers

Exploring the benefits of taking out multiple mortgages.

Garden 2.0


It’s time to get your garden Summer ready with the latest technology.

Sellers Guide Q2 '17

For Owners

Whatever your situation, we’ve got some sound advice on how to sell your property in this market.

Ready, Steady

Property Market

With Article 50 about to be triggered, what lies in store for the Fulham property market?

Anticipating Article 50

Property Market

What impact will triggering Article 50 have on the economy and the London housing market?

Brik Magazine Q1 2017


Deep breath, everyone. We made it. A bit shell shocked, perhaps, but we made it. 2016 is over. Wherever your politics lie, it is undeniable that the past 12-months have been some of the most turbulent in recent memory.

New Territory

Property Market

There have been an unprecedented number of hurdles, all with serious consequences, on the London property market since early 2014. What can we expect from the property market in 2017?

Florida Street


An old garment factory in East London has been converted into a bright and totally unique two bedroom home by talented London-based architecture studio Paper House Project.

Landlord's Guide

For Landlords

Seller nerves have resulted in an oversupply of rental properties. But what now for the burgeoning rental market?