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Brik Magazine Q1 2018


With the U.K. in the tangle of Brexit woes and the property market in London thawing, what lies ahead?

A new dawn

Property Market

After an eventful couple of years on both the world and local stages, life on planet earth shows no plans to take it easy in the next two.

De Beauvoir House


London-based firm Cousins and Cousins Architects have recently completed a refurbishment and unique rear extension to ‘De Beauvoir House’.

Say yes to yield

For Landlords

Here’s a heads-down guide to rental yield, the golden number that will help you decide whether to invest in a new rental and where.

Colour theory


Colour is a powerful communication tool and can also affect the the mood of a room. Here’s a guide to getting it right.

Pretty Little Things Q1 18'


From a cat scratcher to cool crockery, we've curated ten pretty little things for your Q1 2018 wishlist.

Buyer's Guide

For Buyers

Fulham is a wonderful place. It boasts a fine selection of properties to suit any house hunter.

Blush Pink


Interior designers Magenta Pink have picked out twelve products that make use of the colour of the moment, pink.

Home Tech Q1 '18


Would you invite a stranger into your home? There was a time when that was an easy question.

How to strategically price your property

For Owners

There are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for when pricing a property. Take a look at these five top tips.

Room for Growth

Property Market

As 2017 draws to a close, the pattern of slower property price growth continues, along with uncertainty about the impact that Brexit will have on the property market.

Brik Magazine Q4 2017


Fulham is starting to look like good value as sellers push back on softening prices.

What next for the property market?

Property Market

Now that the usual summer slowdown is over many prospective buyers are resuming home-hunting, but what’s been happening in the Fulham property market?

Courtyard House


London-based De Rosee Sa Architects have designed a brilliant house on a small plot of land in West London which had previously been used as a wood yard.

Letting, Yield & Price

For Landlords

How much should you be charging as a Landlord in Fulham? It’s a difficult line to walk.

Working from home


If you run a business from home or simply have a pile of personal admin to trawl through, you’ll need a home office.

Pretty Little Things Q4 '17


We've curated ten pretty little things for your end-of-2017 wishlist.

Fulham vs. London

For Buyers

If you want to know why SW6 is the postcode of choice for smart people, look at the competition.

Jungle Fever


Let’s get tropical! Interior designers Magenta Pink look at the best of the ‘jungalow’ trend which has swept the city.

Home Tech Q4 '17


Check out the latest tech designed to future-proof your home.

How to sell your property like a pro

For Owners

Maximise your profit margins with some indispensable tips, tricks and advice

Slow and Steady

Property Market

The tide may be turning for homebuyers as a slowdown starts to bite.

Property Update

Property Market

What does the general election result mean for the local housing market?

Brik Magazine Q2 2017


The market looks like it's bouncing back after brexit but there are likely challenging times ahead.