The internet is good for a lot of things: Shopping, music, movies, cooking, dating and even buying a home have all been revolutionized by the online world...

And interior design is no different, with professionals and amateurs alike taking to the web like a fresh coat of Little Greene. Pinterest boards, blogs and websites make for the perfect portfolio whether you’re shilling for business or just want to show of your own handy work.

So if you’ve just moved and you want to put your mark on your new home, or perhaps you want to renovate ahead of sale, the internet provides an endless supply of inspiration from the brilliantly simple to the bizarrely beautiful. Here are five of our favourite interior design sites with something to suit all tastes…probably.


A wonderful blog that’s been doing exactly what it says on the tin since 2007. Founded by Alex Johnson, a staffer at the Independent and the author of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, Bookshelf curates a blog filled with the most beautiful, bizarre, fun and plain old practical bookshelves found in the world’s most stylish homes.

Design Hunter

Freelance writer, editor and blogger, Helen Powell started her popular blog as a place to share ideas and inspirations, but it has evolved into a much bigger proposition which has a team of talented contributors writing about interiors, architecture, fashion, travel and all the other elements that make up a stylish life.

Bright Bazaar

Mr. Bazaar, aka Londoner, Will Taylor is a man obsessed with colour - more specifically, bright colour. Finding inspiration in everything from a cocktail dress at a party, to the bright facades of seaside sheds, Taylor has turned his passion into a lucrative and inspiring empire which encompasses a beautiful website and a recently released book, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style.

The Selby


Satisfying all of our voyeuristic urges, The Selby started as a project from photographer, director, author and illustrator Todd Selby, in which he aimed to offer ‘an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail.’ The website rather took off and since then Selby has collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton, American Express, FENDI, Nike, Microsoft, Sony, and Airbnb. But the core belief that it’s fun to see how other people live still drives the whole enterprise.

A Way To Garden

Granted this isn’t technically an interiors blog, but we like to think that the garden should be an extension of the home, so it’s valid, okay? New Yorker, Margaret Roach has some of the greenest fingers around, and she’s keen to show them of through a series of excellent posts that take in organic gardening, garden design, vegetable growing, and plenty of recipes to try out on your freshly grown veg.